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Florida Attorney Provides Focused Legal Counsel in Divorce Matters

Experienced family lawyer strives to make life transitions as smooth as possible

Disruptive family law issues like divorce are among the most difficult to go through. As you prepare for the next stage in your life, my aim is to address your concerns and assertively represent your interests so that you are in the best position to move forward. At Bird Law Firm, LLC, I help clients throughout Orlando and surrounding areas with their legal problems and advise them on the most effective strategy to help you move forward.

Knowledgeable lawyer offers capable counsel in asset distribution

One of the hardest parts of any divorce is reaching an agreement over marital assets such as personal items, bank accounts, real estate and stocks. In Florida, marital property is divided by the principle of equitable distribution, which means a judge will determine a fair — although not necessarily equal — split. Each spouse’s assets acquired before marriage remain theirs as long as the property is not converted to marital by commingling. The judge will take into account each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, length of the union and other factors when reaching a determination. I can provide you seasoned representation during this complicated step in your divorce. Like assets, the court will also make a determination of equitable distribution of marital debt. Since debt division can be complex, I can provide sound guidance and strive for a fair allocation. Several options exist to deal with the marital home during a divorce, including buying out the other spouse’s interest in the property, selling the home and splitting the proceeds or allowing one spouse to retain the house while the other receives other assets of the same value. I will use my experience to help you reach a conclusion that makes the most financial sense.

Accomplished advocate provides sound legal counsel on spousal support matters

In Florida, a judge may grant monthly or lump-sum alimony to either party if financial assistance is needed for one spouse. There are several types of alimony ranging from temporary and “bridge-the-gap” support to rehabilitative or permanent. Likewise, there are an equal number of circumstances the court may consider in reaching a decision to award alimony and the amount, such as the duration of the marriage and the financial resources of each party. In divorce cases involving issues of alimony, I can help make sure your rights are protected and push for an award that benefits you, whether you are the paying spouse or the one receiving payment.

Compassionate counselor aims for the best resolution of child support disputes

In a divorce, both parents have an obligation to support their children based on their ability. In most cases, the spouse with the primary parental responsibility (custody) is the one who will be receiving support payments. While Florida courts utilize child support guidelines to calculate payments, other considerations are taken into account, giving the court some discretion, so it is important to have experienced legal counsel. I can help protect your finances during a support determination as well as advocate for you when modifications may be needed based on a substantial change in circumstances of you or your former spouse.

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