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I want sole custody of my children. How do I get that?
It is very difficult to be awarded sole custody. The Courts generally award shared parental responsibility and equal or, at least, substantial timesharing of the children. This rule is bolstered by the notion that both parents have the right to participate in the joys of raising their children and also that the children have the right to be raised by two parents. However, generally, if one of the parents has been found to be unfit or has had their parental rights terminated for one reason or another, then the other parent may be awarded sole custody. 
Going into our divorce, the mother of my child and I already have an agreement as to how much child support should be paid. Can’t we just pay what we agreed?
It depends on the situation. In Florida, the importance is placed on the child. Therefore, the child has the right to receive child support. The parents do not have the right to waive child support. The child support amount is based on timesharing, income, payment of child care expenses, among other factors. If the parties are paying more than the correct child support amount, then yes, both parents can just pay what they agreed. However, if the agreed upon amount is less than what the child support guidelines order, then, no, the parties cannot agree to a lesser amount.

Does someone in the firm speak Spanish?
The attorney and staff speak fluent Spanish.

What types of appointments do you offer?
We offer both telephonic and virtual appointments due to COVID. Our mission is to deliver quality service while keeping your health and that of our staff in mind.

Can you help me with my family law case anywhere in Florida? 
At the moment, I can help with cases in the surrounding areas of Central Florida, given that most court proceedings are virtual. I can hold virtual conferences and appointments at your convenience. 

Can you represent both me and my partner in our divorce? We agree on everything and just want to get a divorce.
No, I cannot represent both parties in a divorce. I can only represent one party in a divorce so as to avoid any conflicts of interest. However, I can help the parties reach an agreement in an uncontested dissolution of marriage. I can also help by serving as a mediator so that the parties can reach their own agreement, but without my assistance as an attorney. 

Can you help with getting custody of my children?
Yes, we can help parents establish time-sharing schedules and Parenting Plans whether it's through mediation, litigation, or informal settlement discussions.

Can I get any kind of support, like child support or alimony, if I'm still married? 
Yes, you can plead for child support or alimony unconnected to a dissolution of marriage. You can also petition to establish a Parenting Plan unconnected to a dissolution of marriage.